Gone Doggy Gone, Paige Pollock Interviews Directors Brandon Walter and Kasi Brown

Kasi Brown: Shaina Vorspan [the actress who plays Jill] is amazing. We fought for her every step of the way, over famous names, because she was just so perfect for the part.

Brandon Walter: When she walked into the room we just looked at each other and knew.

Kasi Brown: She pulled off crazy and likable, and it's hard to find that in an actress.

Gone Doggy Gone, Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

"There are still plenty of laughs along the way, many of them supplied by the hilarious turns by Vorspan as the emotionally fragile dognapper..." (Full Article)

Gone Doggy Gone, Scott Marks, San Diego Reader

"Shaina Vorspan, showing off a riotously cocksure comedic performance...Amanda Plummer? Gaby Hoffman? Maybe it’s the boomerang-shaped grin or the rooted presence that never finds her out of the moment, but there is something about Vorspan’s command of the frame that brought to mind this pair of heavyweights...We hope to hear much more from her in the future."  (Full Article)

Gone Doggy Gone, Jennifer Oliver O'Connell,

"Jill, portrayed with polish and compassion by Shaina Vorspan, is beautifully (sometimes painfully) fleshed out." (Full Article)

Gone Doggy Gone, Brent Simon,

 "The diminutive and demure Vorspan who seems like she’s from a Todd Solondz film by way of the Farrelly brothers (or perhaps the other way around), is a real treat — cracked and vulnerable in a uniquely compelling way." (Full Article)

Gone Doggy Gone,

"Through the film you end up sympathizing with Jill, her character has a lot of personal struggles going on and Vorspan does a great job in the roll." (Full Article)

Gone Doggy Gone,

"I don’t know whether I’d want to be scared of Jill (she has a creepy quality about her) or give her a hug (you can tell she’s lonely and misunderstood). Jill is wonderfully portrayed by actress Shaina Vorspan." (Full Article)

Zenith Run, The 7th Matrix

"Shaina Vorspan is the perfect foil for Morizawa’s taciturn bounty hunter. She brings undeniable charm to the role of the free-spirited, silver-tongued embezzler. She and Morizawa have terrific onscreen chemistry together that will be interesting to see evolve as the series progresses. With its gritty cinematography, solid cast, and retro-cool sci-fi sets, ZENITH RUN is a fun homage to the wild heyday of grindhouse cinema." (Full Article)

Zenith Run, Film Threat

"The two leads, Morizawa and Vorspan, work well together. Their characters have the classic dynamic of the tough and rugged, being that of Bobbi Bear (Morizawa), rubbing against the eccentric brainiac, in this case, Emily (Vorspan). I believe Emily was supposed to give off the annoying type of persona off, but I did not get annoyed by her at all." (Full Article)

Batsh*t Bride, Behind The Lens

"Particularly enjoyable is the dichotomy of Heather’s three besties with their very cerebral and intelligent careers contrasted with the idiocy we hear come out of their mouths. Shaina Vorspan and Kayla Conroy fill the bill as Cindy and Gretchen...This just fuels the funny. (Full Article)

JesusCat, Misty Layne,

 "...holy moly, is it good...Julia as Elle and Shaina as Charlotte are perfection, both equally hilarious in turn. They’re awkward and hysterical..."  (Full Article)

Medea, Pauline Adamek, LA Weekly:

Medea receives a “Go”-

“Travis Terry brilliantly directs a superb cast...Commenting in unison, the chorus of young girl, mother and grandmother double as asylum orderlies, with Shaina Vorspan giving an especially expressive performance.” (Full Article)

A Christmas Carol, Jackie Houchin,

“The lithesome Spirit of Christmas Past is played by Shaina Vorspan who brings an unexpected empathy to the otherwise sunny role.” (Full Article)

Moliere Plays Paris, Bill Raden, L.A. Weekly:

“Act 2's 'The Forced Marriage'…standouts include Vorspan…” (Full Article)

A Flea in Her Ear, Cynthia Citron, Santa Monica Daily Press:

“First of all, let me acknowledge that I am not a fan of French farce.  But if that format appeals to you, you won't find a finer rendition than that of the talented ensemble currently presenting Georges Feydeau's classic A Flea in Her Ear at the Knightsbridge Theatre in L.A.” (Full Article)

Twenty-Two, Joel Elkins, LA Theatre Review:

“Well, if art is supposed to imitate life, Twenty-Two has accomplished its mission.  The characters are totally believable, the dialogue is as natural as it gets and the acting overall is amazingly realistic.” (Full Article)

Macbeezy, F. Kathleen Foley, L.A. Times:

“There's little not to love about Macbeezy at the Knightsbridge…All the actors are terrific and all are richly worthy of mention.” (Full Article)

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